Sunday, 20 May 2012

Why We Should Stop Taking Drugs and Quit Smoking ? ?

For decades science has told us about the side effects of smoking when it comes to your health and about the diseases that smoking can cause. Aside from the health risks connected to smoking, you may experience other disadvantages; you may notice that your social life and family life are being affected as well. Consider carefully if your addiction to nicotine is worth all of the disadvantages to smoking.

Health Disadvantages

Health problems are the obvious disadvantage to smoking. The American Cancer Society warns about the dangers of nicotine addiction on their website. When you inhale the smoke from a cigarette, it is breathed deeply into your lungs. Smoking has been connected to several types of cancer, including lung cancer, pancreatic cancer and larynx cancer, as well as diseases such as emphysema and heart disease.

Skin & Beauty Disadvantages

Besides the obvious, glaring health reasons that you shouldn't smoke, you should understand that smoking affects the way you look. Princeton University warns against smoking, as it can severely affect your skin. Smoking dehydrates your skin, giving it a wrinkled and sallow appearance. Your fingers and nails will be affected from being in close contact with the cigarettes, and tobacco can stain your teeth a yellow hue.

Social Disadvantages

As cities and states become increasingly more aware of the dangers of smoking and secondhand smoke, more establishments are no longer allowing smoking. This could interfere with your social life, when you head out to a restaurant or club, only to find that smoking isn't allowed and you'll need to stay outside if you want to light up. You may also find a social stigma associated with smoking that limits your friends and social engagements.

Family Disadvantages

When you smoke, your family suffers. If you smoke in the house, you are putting your family at risk for the same health problems that smoking causes. When they breathe in secondhand smoke, they also are at risk for lung cancer and emphysema. Mothers who smoke while pregnant adversely affect their unborn babies. The March of Dimes notes that smoking while pregnant doubles your chances of having a low-birth-weight baby, which can result in health problems, mental problems and even death for your baby.

When a person takes a drink of alcohol, ethanol (the chemical name for drinkable alcohol) irritates the stomach lining, releasing acids. A small amount is broken down chemically, but most of the alcohol heads toward the small intestine through an opening called the pyloric valve. Drinking too much alcohol too quickly can cause the valve to swell and close, causing vomiting.

Alcohol should not be universally prescribed for health enhancement to nondrinking individuals owing to the lack of randomized outcome data and the potential for problem drinking," the study authors note. "Alcohol (ethanol) consumption is analogous to the proverbial double-edged sword, and perhaps no other factor in cardiovascular (CV) health is capable of cutting so deeply in either direction depending on how it is used.

One drink each day is permitted to persons over 65 years, because in their case, a higher consume is more dangerous; the process of absorption needs more time, the effects are stronger, & the risk of intoxication is a real one.

Pregnant women or people whose family has an alcohol related background must be extremely cautious and, if possible, not to drink at all.

One important disadvantage of trajectory approaches is shared with all longitudinal studies: Participants with different characteristics and group memberships may drop out of the study at different rates. A noteworthy limitation of both normative and multiple-trajectory approaches, compared with other longitudinal approaches, is that trajectory approaches traditionally tend to downplay day-to-day situational factors that may affect people's likelihood of drinking, such as negative mood or the peers a person is hanging out with on a specific day.

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