Wednesday, 16 May 2012

A Story That Ends With ' I was speechless and touched, this is the most wonderful gift I have ever had '

     I am an ordinary girl. I am a normal high school student. I am tired of doing the same things everyday. Every morning, I wake up and take my bath shortly afterwards. Once I open the bathroom door, I glanced at the wall clock. The clock's hands are pointing at 7 and 3, which means I only have about 15 minutes to go to school and I am still not wearing any of my uniform. Therefore, I have to rush to school. When I am at the class, I feel sleepy and tired, so I slept a few times in front of the teacher. During recess, I eat my lunch that my mom had prepared for me. The time moves slowly until I reach back home. Worst of all, I did the same routines everyday. One day, I decided to change my way of life. I have planned some strategies in order to achieve that ambition.

     First, I tried to make myself noticeable by asking a lot to the teachers, answering the questions on the board frequently, helping my classmates doing their homeworks and many more. But still, no one wants to get near me without any acceptable reasons. I mean they only needs me when they do. I guess that is a negative response, so I decided to change my way of life, again.

    Later, I tried to be the opposite of before's attitude. Now, I ignored all people including my classmates and do everything on my own. I tried to live independently. I did all the homeworks, house chores and others all by myself. I even slept separately from my mom. Unfortunately, not only that I can not live independently, but instead I got sick due to my tiredness. In fact, my mom have to take care of me. Once I am cured, I decided to change my way of life. It is another daring attempt.

    Now, I need a guidance from someone. Someone that is older and more experienced than me. Someone that could be, of course, my dad! He is the most suitable person. He is my idol. Well, let us get started. He is best in agricultural engineering, so I wanted to do so. He is best in Mathematical solving, so I followed his steps too. Until one day, he says,

     "Don't be such ridiculous! Why did spent your time doing something that you are not interested? That is such a waste of time. Listen to me, time is money, my dear. Be a good girl and we will always support you right here".

     That moment, my heart beats slowly, my eyes went droopy, mmy tears rolled down my plumpy cheeks. I realized that, some thing which needs to done before needs to be done now. I hugged each of my family members and I asked for their apology. How stupid and foolish I am that all this time, I am attempting to get something that is not as perfect as what I already have.

     From that say onwards, I began to focus on my studies. Thanks to Allah SWT, I have managed to stand proudly at the stage of the prestigious School of Design, Nottingham Trent University's hall (as an example only) with an honour appreciation, that is my own honourable Degree of Arts. Once I stepped out of the hall, flashy cameras and dim sunlight rays capture my eyes. At one area, I found my life. My life is my family. I ran towards them and cheered happily with them. I said,

     "I am the luckiest person in the world! I would never ever forget about this moment. Thank you for giving birth to me, mommy, daddy and thank you for take caring of me, dear sisters and brothers. Now, everybody say CHEESE!"

     Many years later, I still have that photo. The photo which brings light into my life. Though mom and dad had gone, for now, I believe that they always live in my heart and my soul. Every moment I glanced at the photo, I was speechless and touched, that is the most wonderful girt I have ever had.

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