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Miss A's Profile

Miss A's  Profile

Miss A (미쓰에이), commonly stylized as miss A, is a four member South Korean and Chinese girl group based in South Korea. They were formed by JYP Entertainment and are managed by AQ Entertainment. The group consists of Fei, Jia, Min and Suzy.
Fei and Jia are considered two of the four best recognized female celebrities of Chinese origin active in the South Korean entertainment scene, along with f(x)'s Victoria Song and fashion model Wei Sun.[1]

~ Member Profile ~

Birth Name: Wang Fei Fei
Stage Name: Fei
Birthday: April 27, 1987
Position: Lead Vocalist
Nationality: Chinese
Weight: 47 kg
Height: 165 cm

 Chinese Birth Name: Meng Jia
Korean Birth Name: Mong Ji Ah
Stage Name: Jia
Birthday: February 3, 1989
Position: Vocalist, Main Rapper, Lead Dancer
Nationality: Chinese
Weight: 45 kg
Height: 166 cm

Birth Name: Lee Min Young
Stage Name: Min
Birthday: June 21, 1991
Position: Lead Vocalist, Main Dancer
Nationality: Korean
Weight: 49 kg

Birth Name: Bae Sue Ji
Stage Name: Suzy
Birthday: October 10, 1994
Position: Main Vocalist, Lead Rapper, Maknae, Face of The Group
Nationality: Korean
Weight: 49 kg
Height: 168 cm


Korean Discography

Studio albums

Chinese Discography

Studio albums


Music Videos

Year Title Length Official MV On YouTube
"Love Again" (Chinese Ver.) 4:14 missA on YouTube
"Love Again" (Korean Ver.) 4:07 missA on YouTube
Bad Girl Good Girl 3:50 missA on YouTube
Breathe 3:44 missA on YouTube
Breathe (Dance Ver.) 3:37 missA on YouTube
This Christmas 3:57 jypentertainment on Youtube
"Love Alone" 3:38 missA on Youtube
Good Bye Baby 5:32 missA on Youtube
"Touch" 4:19 missA on YouTube
"From One To Ten" 3:38 miss A on YouTube



Year Title Role TV Network
2011 Dream High Suzy's role as Hyemi KBS2
2011 Dream High Miss A Cameo ep. 16 KBS2
2012 Dream High 2 Miss A Cameo ep. 15 KBS2


Concert participation

  • 2010 JYP Nation Team Play Concert (2010)
  • '2011 JYP Nation in Japan (2011)
  • Jakarta FantastiKpop Festival (2011)
  • Kaohsiung Kpop Festival in Taiwan (Nov2011)
  • K-Pop Music Fest in Sydney (2011)
  • M LIVE by CJ, Most Amazing 2011 (2011)
  • 2012 TTV Super Star (New Year's Eve Program) in Taipei Arena, Taiwan


Year Awards

Wins on Music Programs

miss A's wins on Korea's televised music shows:
Year Date Song Music Program
2010 July 22 [63] Bad Girl Good Girl Mnet M! Countdown
July 23 [64] KBS Music Bank
August 1 [65] SBS Inkigayo
October 21 [66] Breathe Mnet M! Countdown
2011 July 28 [67] Good Bye Baby Mnet M! Countdown
July 29 [68] KBS Music Bank
July 31 [69] SBS Inkigayo
2012 February 28 [70] Touch MBC Music Show Champion
March 1 [71] Mnet M! Countdown
March 4 [72] SBS Inkigayo
March 6 [73] MBC Music Show Champion
March 7 [74] jTBC Music On Top

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