Monday, 24 March 2014


Assalamualaikum wbt~
Hello everyone!

Guess what, today's MY 19th BIRTHDAY!
[24th March 2014]

Thanks to all those who wished me all the best wishes.
Thank you so much!
May God bless you guys~ :)

My LOVELY family;
Mummy, Daddy, Sis Mirra, Big Bro Azwan, Sis Ecka, Lil Bro Aqmal

My BELOVED besties;
Kevin-kun, Fazri-sama, 

My lovely ONE-DAY older brother than me;
Big Brother Saiful
Happy 19th Birthday to You too!
[23rd March 2014]

My Bluffy Roommates - CT4.11;
Fazliana-san, Noor-chan

My fellow BP5T22 classmates;
Derek-chan,Janice, Niko-chan, Shafiq, Fendi-kun,  Lisa, Fara'an, Marianna,
Jeerah-san, Shima-chan, Marvin-kun, Shella, Salzy, Lee Shu Ching, 
Vivian, Iepa, Rizzie

My FB pals;
-sorry but there are TOO many of them-
50++ best wishes from them
very thankful! ^_^

Your wishes are more valuable than the gifts itself.
Nothing I can do other than thanking all your effort even if it is as
simple as HBD or HB :)
I appreciate EACH AND EVERY wish that I accept from all of you!
Wish me the best of LUCK and have pleasant day~ :3

Yours trully,
Baby Red Beans