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C.N. Blue 's Profile

C.N. Blue (Code Name Blue) Profile

Perfect Quartet

 CN Blue (Korean: 씨엔블루 Japanese: シーエヌブルー ), stylized as CNBLUE, is a South Korean rock band formed in Seoul in 2009. The band consists of Jung Yong Hwa (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Lee Jong Hyun (lead guitar, vocals), Lee Jung Shin (bass guitar, vocals) and Kang Min Hyuk (drums, vocals). "CN is an abbreviation of ‘Code Name’ while BLUE is an abbreviation of the members’ individual images," said by one of the members. ‘Burning’ represents Lee Jong Hyun, ‘Lovely’ represents Kang Min Hyuk, ‘Untouchable’ represents Lee Jung Shin, and ‘Emotional’ represents Jung Yong Hwa. Debuted on August 19, 2009 in Japan with the band's first mini album, Now or Never. The group released four teasers for their 1st mini album Bluetory, starring one member per each of the videos in the sequence of Jonghyun, Minhyuk, Jungshin and lastly, Yonghwa on the 6th, 8th, 11 and 13 January 2010 respectively. On January 14, 2010 CN Blue debuted their first mini-album in Korea with the lead single "I'm a Loner" (Korean: 외톨이야).

~ Member Profile ~

Birth Name: Jung Yong Hwa
Stage Name: Yonghwa
Japanese Name: ヨンファ
Date of Birth: June 22, 1989
Position: Leader, Vocalist, Guitarist, Rapper, Face of The Group
Blood Type: A
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 63 kg

Birth Name: Lee Jong Hyun
Stage Name: Jonghyun
Japanese Name: ジョンヒョン
Date of Birth: May 15, 1990
Position: Guitarist, Vocalist
Blood Type: O
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 64 kg

Birth Name: Kang Min Hyuk
Stage Name: Minhyuk
Japanese Name: ミンヒョク
Date of Birth: June 28, 1991
Position: Drummer
Blood Type: A
Height: 184 cm
Weight: 60 kg

Birth Name: Lee Jung Shin
Stage Name: Jungshin
Japanese Name: ジョンシン
Date of Birth: September 15, 1991
Position: Bassist, Rapper and Maknae
Blood Type: A
Height: 186 cm
Weight: 61 kg


Birth Name: Kwon Kwang Jin
Stage Name: Kwangjin
Position: Bassist, Backing Vocalist
Date of Birth: August 12, 1992


Japanese discography

Extended plays
  • Now or Never (2009)
  • Voice (2009)
Studio albums
  • ThankU (2010)
  • 392 (2011)

Korean discography

Extended plays
Studio albums

Live performances, Concerts, and Tours

  • Guest performer at F.T. Island Men’s Stories Concert in Seoul (2009).
  • CNBLUE Debut Showcase - Textile Center in Samsung-dong, Seoul (2010)
  • CNBLUE Guerilla Concert - Seoul Hongdae (2010)
  • CNBLUE Street Live Performance - COEX, Seoul Plaza (2010)
  • Feel the CNBLUE - South Korea (2010)
  • Japan 1st Album Release Live "ThankU" (2010)
  • Japan 1st Single Release Event "The Way" (2010)
  • Japan 2nd Single Release Live Tour "Listen to the CNBLUE" (2010)
  • Listen to the CN Blue - 1st Live Concert at AX Hall, Gwangjang-dong on 31 July (2010)[26]
  • Listen to the CNBLUE Asia Tour (2010)
  • Holika Holika presents Magic party with CNBLUE in Thailand (2011)
  • Japan Zepp Tour 2011 - "Re-maintenance" (2011)
  • 1st album released Live Guerilla Concert "CNBLUE First Step" - Seoul Times Square (2011)
  • Linkin Park Japan concert opening - Makuhari Messe (2011)
  • Japan 2nd Album Release Live "392" - Yokohama Arena (2011)
  • Otodama Koyasai Live Festival Japan (2011)
  • Japan 1st Major Debut Single "In My head" Release Event (2011)
  • CNBLUE Winter Tour 2011 "Here, In My Head" (2011)
  • CNBLUE Asia Tour Concert "Blue Storm" (2011–2012)
  • Rockin'on presents Countdown Japan - Makuhari Messe (2012)
  • Ontama Carnival 2012 - Yokohama Arena, Japan (2012)
  • MTV Unplugged - Billboard Live Tokyo (2012)
  • Japan 2nd Major Single "Where you are" Release Event (2012)
  • CNBLUE Japan Fanclub Tour (2012)
  • F.T. Island & CNBLUE “STAND UP” by MLive in Los Angeles - NOKIA Theater L.A. Live (2012)


Year Awards Category
2010 Cyworld Digital Music Awards Rookie of the Month (January) ("I'm a Loner")[27][28]
GaOn Charts Awards Streaming Award ("I'm a Loner")[29][30]
Style Icon Awards New Style Icon, Singer[31]
12th Mnet Asian Music Awards Best Male Rookie [32]
25th Golden Disk Awards Digital Music Bonsang ("I’m a Loner", "Love")[33][34]
2nd Melon Music Awards Best Newcomer Award[35]
2010 TOP 10[35]
2011 20th High1 Seoul Music Awards Best Newcomer Award[36]
2010 Cyworld Digital Music Awards Rookie of the Year ("I'm a Loner")[37]
Cyworld Digital Music Awards Song of the Month (April) ("Intuition")[38]
2nd Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards Cultural Minister of Finance Award[39]
3rd Melon Music Awards 2011 Music Style Best Rock ("Intuition")[40]
13th Mnet Asian Music Awards Best Band Performance ("Intuition")[41][42]
1st KOMCA Music Awards Rock Award ("I'm a Loner")[43]
2012 26th Golden Disk Awards[44] Disk Bonsang (First Step)[45]
Digital Music Bonsang ("Intuition")[46]
Vivi Dream Award[47]
Best Asian Group Award[48]
You2Play Awards 2011 (Thailand) Favorite Asian Artist[49]

Music Programs

These are collection of CN Blue wins on Korea's televised music shows. Inkigayo is aired on SBS, M! Countdown on Korea cable channel, Music Bank on KBS and Show Champion on Korea cable channel MBC Music.

Music Bank

Year Date Song
2010 January 29 "외톨이야" (I'm a Loner)
2011 April 1 "직감" (Intuition)
April 8
April 15
2012 April 20[50] Hey You


Year Date Song
2010 January 31 "외톨이야" (I'm a Loner)
June 20 Love
July 4
2011 April 10 "직감" (Intuition)
2012 April 22[51] Hey You

M! Countdown

Year Date Song
2010 June 10 Love
July 1
2011 March 31 "직감" (Intuition)
April 7
April 14
2012 April 5[52] Hey You

Show Champion

Year Date Song
2012 April 10[53] Hey You

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