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TVXQ (DBSK) ' s Profile


(Rising Gods of the Far East) 's Profile

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TVXQ, an acronym for Tong Vfang Xien Qi (traditional Chinese: ) [1], and stylized as TVXQ![2], is a South Korean pop group formed in 2003 under SM Entertainment. In South Korea they are known as Dong Bang Shin Ki[3][4] (Korean: 동방신기), often abbreviated as DBSK; and in Japan as Tohoshinki (Japanese: 東方神起). Their name translates to "The Rising Gods of the East".[5][6]
The group debuted in 2003 as a 5 member group consisting of leader U-Know Yunho, Max Changmin, Hero Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun, and Xiah Junsu. In July 2009, the latter three filed for an injunction against their Korean agency SM Entertainment. This led to TVXQ ceasing all public activities and appearances after 2009. After a hiatus that lasted 2 years and 3 months, TVXQ returned as a duo consisting of Yunho and Changmin.
TVXQ is one of Asia's most successful acts and they have been labelled as "Asia's Stars"[7] and "Kings of Korean Pop and Hallyu Wave" for their immense success and contributions to Korean pop.[8][9][10] Since their debut, TVXQ has released 5 Korean albums, 5 Japanese albums, over 20 Korean singles and over 30 Japanese singles. According to Gaon Chart, till March 2012, TVXQ has sold over 10.1 million copies of albums, singles and DVDs throughout their career in Korea and Japan alone, excluding sales from other Asian and international countries.[11] After gaining much popularity around the world, TVXQ also is said to have sold over 20 million copies of album, singles, DVD and their own publications books worldwide, making them the most successful Korean artist both in Asia and worldwide till now.[12] TVXQ’s The Best Selection 2010 broke several records for being the first foreign male artists to surpass the 700,000 mark in Japan.[13] They have two official fanclubs in Korea and Japan, known respectively as Cassiopeia and BigEast, the former which notably earned a Guinness World Record in 2008 for its size and is said to be one of the largest fan clubs in the world, boasting 1.5 million fans in Asia and 5.5 million worldwide.[14]
TVXQ topped the Oricon Weekly Singles Chart for the ninth time with the release of their single "Keep Your Head Down" from their album of the same name in Japan, expanding their record for the most number-one singles by a foreign artist.[15] It is the second time since Oricon inaugurated searching for sales in 1968 that a single by a foreign artist gathered more than 200,000 copies sold in the first week. The initial occurrence happened in 2009, when TVXQ sold 256,000 units of “Break Out!”.
In 2011, TVXQ returned as a duo with the release of their Korean pop album Keep Your Head Down, whichranked at No. 1 on the Gaon Chart two weeks after its release. Their full-length Japanese album TONE was released on September 28, 2011, selling 205,000 copies in its first week and reaching #1 on the Daily, Weekly and Monthly Oricon Charts. This is the first time in TVXQ's history that they have achieved a #1 in all 3 Oricon rankings charts. Since their 2011 comeback, TVXQ has sold more than 1 million copies in Korean album sales and Japanese singles and album sales.

~ Member Profile ~

Stage Name: Hero
Birth Name: Kim Jae Joong
Birthday: January 26, 1986
Birthplace: Chungnam
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Blood Type: O
Hobbies: Playing computer games, Listening to music, Playing the piano, Composing, Cooking
Specialty: Singing
Position: Main Vocalist, Face of The Group

Stage Name: Max
Birth Name: Shim Chang Min
Birthday: February 18, 1988
Birthplace: Seoul
Height: 186 cm
Weight: 61 kg
Blood Type: B
Hobbies: Music, Singing, Eating
Specialty: Singing, Dancing
Position: High Note Vocals, Maknae

Stage Name: Xiah
Birth Name: Kim Jun Su
Birthday: December 15, 1986, though his parents registered him on January 1, 1987
Birthplace: Gyeonggi
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Blood Type: B
Hobbies: Piano, Soccer
Specialty: Singing, Dancing
Position: Middle High Vocal

Stage Name: Micky
Birth Name: Park Yoo Chun
Birthday: June 4, 1986
Birthplace: Seoul
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Blood Type: O
Hobbies: Composing music/Lyrics/Rap, Piano, RC Car Driving
Specialty: Singing, Composing
Position: Middle Low Vocal

Stage Name: U-Know
Birth Name: Jung Yun Ho
Birthday: February 6, 1986
Birthplace: Gwangju
Height: 184 cm
Weight: 66 kg
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: Music, Reading, Playing sports, Composing music
Specialty: Dancing
Position: Bass Vocals, Leader, Lead Dancer


Years Awards
  • MTV Video Music Awards Japan : Best buzz ASIA (South Korea)
  • 14th Annual Korea Entertainment Masterpiece Award Ceremony : International Popularity Award
  • 4th Thailand SEED Awards: Best Asian Singer Award
  • 2007 Best Hits Japan: Gold Artist Award
  • 22nd Golden Disk Awards : Disk Bonsang
  • 25th Japan Gold Disc Award : The Best Top 5 Albums (Best Selection 2010)
  • 25th Japan Gold Disc Award : The Best Music Videos (TOHOSHINKI Video Clip Collection)
  • 38th Korea Broadcast Awards : Singer Award
  • 53rd Japan Record Awards : Best Song Award
  • 2011 Internet Music Festival : Entertainment TV Award
  • 2011 MBC Entertainment Award : Special Award
  • 2011 SBS MTV Best of Best: Artist of the Year Award
  • 26th Japan Gold Disc Award : The Best 3 Albums - Asia (TONE)
  • 1st Gaon Chart KPOP Awards : Album of the Year - 1st Quarter of 2011 (Keep Your Head Down)
  • 2011 Billboard Japan Music Awards : Top Pop Artists

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