Saturday, 8 September 2012

Stop Updating for Awhile...Sobss

This is so sad... TT___TT

First of all,
I'm facing ma biggest EXAM soon [look at the countdown at left sidebar]..
It's less than 50 days now.
Since I have to focus on studying,
I [with sad face] have to stop updating my blog for awhile..


I hope time will pass quick.
I am sitting ma exam on 5th November till 29th November 2012.
I took 10 subjects:

Malay Language, English Language, Additional Mathematics, Biology, Physics,
Chemistry, Mathematics, Arts, Islamic Education and History.

I hope I can pass with flying colours.
Wish me the best of luck
and I hope you can continously support this blog.
Thank you. Hope I can see you guys soon.

Goodbye~ T_T

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