Saturday, 8 September 2012

Ask Big Bang: T.O.P (6th Anniversary Q&A)

1. Your most memorable stage?
T.O.P: Big Show with fans.

2. Your happiest moment?
T.O.P: Recording album.

3. The fan who left a strong impression on you?
T.O.P: Everyone

4. What do you want to hear most?
T.O.P: Seunghyun-kun, hwaiting. (It means “Cheer up, Seunghyun.” Kun is Mr. in Korean)

5. What do you think about the world tour?
T.O.P: It’s a nice trip.

6. What is V.I.P to you in 6 letters (Korean)?
T.O.P: VIP!!!

Q1. How do you feel when you see your old picture?
T.O.P: It looks so young and fresh.

Q2. What is the food that you can cook well?
T.O.P: I’m not good at cooking.

Q3. What is your number 1 treasure?
T.O.P: All of my collections.

Translated by Lue Kim @ twitter

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