Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Seung-chan's Diary: Today is a bad day (120903) [PHOTO]

Today is a bad day..

Today, I had a recording for Cream Stew’s special program.. Today was the worst.
My Japanese and my talk as well as my reaction...
Today, I had 5 chances to join the conversation but I missed them..
Today, I have to reflect on myself..
Today is really bad.
It was an important program but why couldn't I do well..
Long time ago, there was this time when I was trying hard in a Korean talk show and it didn't go well. At that time, our nation's MC Kang Hodong-san told me a story..
Even a skillful home run hitter doesn't always hit a home run. A good player is when you hit a home run and help the team when they're in a really bad condition..
Yeah I can’t always only show my good side.. But today, I had to reflect upon myself.. You guys can get angry to me for today..
I envy Rola-chan... She didn't do anything that worries her and she just enjoyed the show. I’ve become someone who calculates when appearing on TV shows...
I don’t like it somehow.. Because this is not the real me... I have to reflect.. Wondering if I can sleep properly or not today..
Otsukare.. (Nice work for today...)
Note: Cream Stew is a Japanese comedy duo

Translation by Mimi (marthapido.tumblr.com)
Photo from VIPchica (ameblo.jp/chikachica415)

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