Saturday, 1 September 2012

Seung-chan's Diary: Han-game with Seung-chan (120831) [PHOTOS]

Today, I joined a game event, 'Han-game' together with fans. The games that I took part in are the drawing game and cards game! The drawing game was really fun! Because we had to guess what other people drew, it was kind of thrilling.
During the game, I got to teamed up with 2 other people so it was fun. And then, because Nishio-san and Ritaka-san, who were sitting beside me, helped me in the game, it went well!
What kind of games do you like? Try playing Han-game, it's really fun ^^
Because I still have a show meeting after this, that's all for today! It's me, Seung-chan. Good night!

Translation by 0401rurutic @ Twitter
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