Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Seungri chosen as the next successful idol CEO

Big Bang‘s Seungri has been chosen as the next idol CEO to make it big in the business world.
During this week’s ‘Weekly Idol‘, idol members voted on the topic, “The idol CEO who is most likely to become successful as an entrepreneur.” The survey didn’t restrict the voting to just idols who are already CEOs, but also included the option of picking those who seem like they would become good businessmen.
The idol that came in at #1 was revealed to be Seungri, who has always shown interest in the business aspect of things. Having set up a music and dance academy in his hometown last year, the idol has already become a CEO, and with his business minded ways he has also shown his interest in managing Big Bang.
Other stars who made the top 7 were JYJ‘s Jaejoong, Kim Hyun Joong, BoA, and more.
Catch this week’s episode of ‘Weekly Idol’ on the 29th!
Source: Nate
Translation: allkpop

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