Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Editor's Comment on G-Dragon's Harper's Bazaar Photo Shoot

From the September issue of Harper's Bazaar Korea:
This is a bit of an overstatement, but we had to prepare for GD's shoot in Paris for a year. I think it was worth doing it since he's the most attractive celebrity in Korea.
It was me who suggested to go to Paris. (If you're an editor who already went abroad with celebrities more than once for photo shoots, I'm sure you know never to suggest without asking them first.) I contacted the fashion house he was interested with and the baccarat crystal museum where I had wanted to shoot for the last 10 years. But every weekend, BIGBANG had concerts in Japan and after that, a world tour which included Brazil.
Although we had YG Entertainment's full support and an understanding with stylist Ji Eun, taking GD to Paris was really hard. Moreover, scheduling the staffs' flights took weeks to arrange. We prepared everything he wanted like the hotel, bodyguards, car, etc.
Anyway, we went to Paris and G-Dragon, who we met there, was really kind and well-mannered. His appearance, abilities and talents... I expected him to be bad but he wasn't. He was full of charm. When we met him for dinner, he gave all the staff a full bow from the waist and conversed with them.
The next day at the studio, Givenchy's new collection fitted him very well and he impressed everyone with his skills. If you saw the video on Youtube, you would know that he has an inborn talent for photo shoots.
After the shoot, he wanted to experience the Paris Men's Fashion Week so he chose the shows he could and wanted to go to. At Rick Owens' show, which was the first how he attended, the paparazzi swarmed like bees because of his remarkable look. At Yohji Yamamoto and Junya Watanabe's shows, his fans in Paris also went to see him. At the last show he attended, Juun J's show, so many fans came that he had to leave the show through the back stage. This was the moment my heart felt full. A Korean celebrity is loved by so many locals! Too bad he couldn't see the other shows because of his schedules. He finished his 4-day trip to Paris then went back to Tokyo for a concert.
The Harper's Bazaar issue featuring G-Dragon's shoot was released July 20. Thanks to G-Dragon who promoted it on Twitter before the release, the magazines sold out in 3 days. We had to re-print and the magazines sold out again after a few days. No one can sell Bazaar as fast as G-Dragon. And no one can set all editors buzzing. Many fashion houses in Paris are thinking of sending him love calls. This is the tremendous G-Dragon effect! He is not only a Hallyu star but a sensation.

Translation from Luekim @ Tumblr

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