Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Seung-chan's Diary: Seung-chan of Guangzhou (120729) [PHOTOS]

Here in Guangzhou! This is my first time here too!

My first impression of Guangzhou is that the buildings are really cool! The buildings are really awesome to the extent that I want to know how they were made.

And of course.. they glitter at night! So beautiful! It’s nice being here!
Today, I ended up playing a football video game with TOP-kun again. I won with 2:0 but in the middle of playing, TOP-kun turned off the TV.. He’s definitely a blood type B person.

One thing that TOP-kun told me, “I’m not in a good condition today, so let’s play again next week.” He said that with "I don’t want to lose" written on his face. I can’t wait for his revenge next week!
Today, other members asked a lot of things about my activities in Japan. I told them “I really, really have fun!” and also asked them to go visit Japan!

BIGBANG is indeed interesting when all 5 members are around! Everyone is really loud!! When you go to our dressing room, it feels like you’re watching a variety show! It’s great! I really want to show it to everyone T-T

I worked hard for today too.

When I go back to Japan, I feel like I want to eat gyudon (beef bowl)~
During our live [concert] today, I took a picture with D-Lite. D-Lite’s face is quite weird but please understand! I just want to show everyone so I uploaded this(^-^)/ Bye bye!

Translated by Marthapido

Credits: 12akane02 @ Twitter (Blog Entry_ + Chikachica415 @ Ameblo (Photos)

["Seung-chan's Diary" is an online blog updated by Seungri on Big Bang's Japanese mobile site ( The site is only accessible in Japan.]

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