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Seungri's Diary from Josei 7 Magazine (Volume 2)

Japanese magazine Josei 7 is publishing a bi-weekly diary series featuring Seungri called "Maknae's Diary". This is different from "Seung-chan's Diary" from Big Bang's Japanese mobile site.
Here is the translation of Volume 2:

Other members also love Japanese food!

Everyone, have you eaten already? For this week too, I, VI, will tell you more about BIGBANG's private life.

In Korea, the phrase, "Have you eaten?" has become like a greeting. This just shows that food is really important. My favorite food is gyudon (beef rice bowl) so among the members, we start our day with, "Have you eaten gyudon already?" (Laugh)

But, as an entertainer, I have to think of my body shape, right? That's why every time I eat oily food, I drink oolong tea. The fridge in my room is filled with oolong tea and green tea bottles. (Laugh)

Whether in Korea or in Japan, when we're doing activities as 5, we usually go out to eat together. Japanese food are very delicious and we really like ramen and curry!

Among the members, TOP is the most fussy about food. If the food doesn't suit his taste, he won't eat even if he's hungry. But, he has a sweet tooth. He eats youkan (sweet jelly bean) with ice cream on top. (Laugh) He doesn't like super spicy food, but he likes sushi and wine.

GD is thin but he eats a lot. He often eats stuff like steak, gyudon, plenty other dishes and also sweets. I'm envious because he doesn't gain weight!

SOL, who has a muscular body, likes to eat grilled meat. D-Lite says he doesn't like Baumkuchen (layered cake) and donuts. (Laughs)

So those are what we like and don't like. Among us, no one is really a big eater. We're different from 'Monster' (song title). We're just normal people. (Laugh)

Today's photo was taken when all 5 of us went out for sushi after the concert last time. Honestly, my stomach was already full because of the catered food (during concert). But since TOP said, "Let's go eat", instead of saying "Eeh!", I just agreed and said, "Okay." They made me eat a lot, saying, "why don't you eat this?" and offering me stuff like pink-colored otoro because they said it looks pretty like GD's hairstyle and some sweet shrimp.

I forced myself [to eat] and I guess this is what being the youngest is like, right? (Laughs)
Caption of Seungri's solo pic: I ate spaghetti with thick sauce while recording for a Nagoya TV show. Aside from it, there were Nagoya's famous chicken wings, miso cutlet and fried shrimp. After the recording, along with 10 staff members, we ate everything. 

Caption of the photo at the sushi restaurant: After the first day of Alive Tour concert in Saitama Super Arena, with all the members, we went to a sushi restaurant. We cheered, "Let's work hard tomorrow" with oolong tea.

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Photo source: bbganba@ameblo + viholic_jp @ twitter

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