Saturday, 21 July 2012

Seungri's Diary from Josei 7 Magazine (Volume 1)

Japanese magazine Josei 7 is publishing a bi-weekly diary series featuring Seungri called "Maknae's Diary". (Note: This is different from his regular diary updates on Big Bang's Japanese mobile site.)
Here is the translation of the first volume:

Hello! I'm Seungri from BIGBANG.
Honestly, I think BIGBANG has this cool image. To make you more familiar with it, I'm going to work hard on promoting. The members, however, are really worried about me. (Laugh) GD said many times, "are you really going to be alright?"

Oh, yesterday, I rented a room to live alone. I went to real estate agents with my manager to look around. I thought... it's going be at Setagaya (a residential area), but my manager said, "at least choose something in the city center!" This is so it will be easy to pick me up by car.

Also, so it's near the fun places. SOL said to me, "you want to stay in Japan because you want to play, right?" Yeah... I got that feeling (to play around).

To make sure I'm not playing around, my manager gave me a lot of work. So, I don't really have free time. Like today, I had to do 9 interviews and photo shoots. Isn't that terrible?

I can't even do a housewarming! And from room, I can't see Tokyo Tower or Skytree.. I'll tell more about my room next time. Please look forward to it.

Translated by marthapido@twitter
Photo credit to viholic_jp@twitter

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