Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Seungri's Gmarket Review: Bought a dehumidifier!! (120724)

Hello, this is Seungri from BIGBANG!
This is the 제습기 (dehumidifier = lowers the humidity in the room) I bought due to lots of rain for last few days. My room was quite humid, but I think I can enjoy posongposong* summer.

Hopefully, you guys can spend posongposong summer with this dehumidifier.
It’s summer, this summer, way too hot, too hot, flood, it’s raining, too humid, dehumidifier, need it, I BOUGHT IT, NO WORRYING NOW!** 

Translator's Notes:

*Posongposong is a phrase used to describe something clean and refreshing.
**Just some random words put together.

Translated by
Source: Gmarket

Gmarket also updated their review site with new profile pics of the members. T.O.P's will be posted when his review is out:

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