Saturday, 30 June 2012

G-Dragon with a fan in Paris (120629) [PHOTO/FAN ACCOUNT]

I just met G-Dragon while leaving school. He is nice & classy! He was cute when he arranged his clothes while looking at my iPhone screen before taking the picture.

What happened was I saw his pink hair from afar (15 meters away). I approached and said, "hello" in Korean and "can I take a picture?" He nodded. I said, "Nice to meet you" in Korean and then took out my iPhone. After taking the picture, I said "thank you" in Korean and he bowed a bit.

G-Dragon was near Opera Garnier. That place has a lot of Korean and Japanese restaurants. Their van and car were parked in front on a Japanese restaurant.

(Note: The fan kindly asked for her face to be blurred out)

[lucky girl~~ i wish i can meet GD like her..]

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