Friday, 22 June 2012

Big Bang's Seung Ri to pursue SOLO activities at Japan

Big Bang‘s Seungri has revealed that he will be pursuing solo activities in Japan until September.

On June 19th, Seungri and Daesung made an appearance on the popular Japanese radio program “All Night Nippon” addressing the group’s future activities in Japan. Seungri stated, “The other Big Bang members will be participating in their own solo activities in Korea, while I will remain in Japan from July to September to work on a variety of activities. I look forward to appearing on many programs“.

A spokesperson for the Japanese media outlet stated, “There have been no final decisions made on which programs Seungri will be appearing on but he is planning on making an appearance on a variety program. He will not be performing solo on music programs“.

A representive for Big Bang also stated, “There have been no confirmations made, however, Seungri will begin his personal activties starting from an appearance on a variety show“.

Seungri has reportedly been stated to be very committed and excited about pursuing his solo activities in Japan. Big Bang’s representative stated, “Seungri wanted to gain experience in a variety of fields. 

Thankfully, there was an oppurtunity between the world tour for him to do so, which is why we have decided for Seungri to participate in solo activities in Japan“.

Upon finishing his personal activities in Japan on the 9th, Seungri will join his members again to advance with their world tour in Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Additionally on the program, the two revealed some of the group’s secrets, such as: T.O.P looking in front of the mirror for about 12 hours a day and G-DRAGON buying female clothing. The duo also showed some imitations of Tanoshingo (33) and SUGI-chan (38).

Source & Image: Newsen + tokyohive

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