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F(x)'s Profile

f(x) [Flower: Double X Chromosome] Profile

 f(x) (play /ˌɛf ˈɛks/; Korean: 에프엑스) is a five member South Korean girl group formed by SM Entertainment in 2009. The name is a play on the mathematical notation for function, and when input with different 'x', there can be many different outcomes. The f stands for flower and the x represents the female's double x chromosome. f(x) strives to be the kind of girl group that can change and adapt to many situations. The group members have also been nicknamed "function girls". The group made their debut on September 1, 2009 with release of a digital single "La Cha Ta" (stylized as "LA chA TA"). The quintet consists of Victoria, Amber, Luna, Sulli and Krystal.

~ Member Profile ~

Birth Name: Song Qian
Stage Name: Victoria
Birthday: February 2, 1987
Position: Leader, Main Dancer, Vocalist
Nationality: Chinese

Birth Name: Choi Jin Ri
Stage Name: Sulli
Birthday: March 29, 1994
Position: Vocalist, Sub-Rapper, Face of The Group
Nationality: Korean

Birth Name: Jung Soo Jung
Stage Name: Krystal
Birthday: October 24,  1994
Position: Lead Vocalist
Nationality: Korean-American

Birth Name: Amber Josephine Liu
Stage Name: Amber
Birthday: September 18, 1992
Position: Main Rapper, Sub-Vocalist
Nationality: American + Chinese

Birth Name: Park Sun Young
Stage Name: Luna
Birthday: August 12, 1993
Position: Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer
Nationality: Korean


Korean Discography

Studio Albums

Repackaged Albums

Extended Plays

Single Albums


In 2011, SM Entertainment created an Official Channel on YouTube for f(x).

Music videos

Year Title Length Official MV On YouTube Notes
"La Cha Ta" (stylized as "LA chA TA") 3:26 sment On YouTube
"Chocolate Love" (electro-pop version) 3:49 sment on YouTube Commercial film for the LG's Chocolate.
"Chu" (stylized as "Chu~♡") 3:18 sment on YouTube
"Lollipop" 3:14
Commercial film for LG's Lollipop.
"Thrill Love" 2:57
OST for the drama of Hungry Romeo, Luxury Juliet.
"Nu ABO" 3:49 sment on YouTube
"Beautiful Day" 1:22 sment on YouTube Commercial film for Calvin Klein's X Jeans.
2011 "Pinocchio (Danger)" 3:13 sment on YouTube
"Hot Summer" 3:46 SMTOWN on YouTube



Supporting act


Years Awards
  • 17th Korean Entertainment Arts Awards - Rookie Singer Awards[30]
  • Korea Lifestyle Awards : Style Icon of the Year[31]
  • 26th Annual Korea Best Dresser : Best Singer Dresser

Music Show awards

These are a collection of f(x) wins on Korea's televised music shows. Inkigayo is aired on SBS, M! Countdown on Korean cable channel Mnet, and Music Bank on KBS.

Music Bank

Year Date Song
2011 April 29 " 피노키오 (Danger)"
May 20

M! Countdown

Year Date Song
2011 May 5 " 피노키오 (Danger)"
May 12
May 19
June 30 " Hot Summer"


Year Date Song
2011 May 8 " 피노키오 (Danger) "
May 15
May 22
June 26 " Hot Summer "

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