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KPOP ARTISTS - Behind the Stage

“Before it goes any further, I just want to remind you all that this is purely based on my friend’s opinion and perspective. I won’t say it will be 100% right or accurate or objective (because she also dislike or being biased towards some idols). She’s also not active working anymore since this March (“I’m going to married, why should I bother working hard again?” LOL. I envy her) I just think an inside perspective will be interesting to shared. Again, you don’t have to believe all of the stories here. I won’t even bother trying to convince you all.”



  • About SHINee (especially Onew): She said SHINee is starting to lost their sparks between the member, specially Onew. She said some SM staff told her that Onew is really considering to quit from the business. SM is also not a help neither. They are so focusing on EXO now (because they invested a silly huge amount of money on them already). That’s why SHINee’s comeback was ‘just like that’. So I guess most of the postings that state Onew is kinda depressed is not that wrong at all.
  • About the gay/lesbian rumor. Well… she is sure Key is pure gay.
  • Minho is as competitive as his image in TV. He’s also kinda moody, and yes, he’s a noona killer!
  • Minho really tries his best to be such a perfection. You know, the handsome, smart, athletic, strong, type of guy. He looks up to Siwon so much (wow, like a surprise there!)
  • She likes Onew the best actually from all of SHINee member. Minho is the least she likes (don’t kill me…)
  • Minho dates a lot, she said, mostly rookie actresses.
  • Taemin is pretty shy with woman. She dates about twice with another idol but never in a relationship, she thinks.
  • They were closer before. Onew is always hard to approach but not as hard as now. Right now she said, the arguments between them are more often than before. the members are trying hard to get some spotlight on them.
  • Yes, Onew is reluctant to start a new relationship with woman but he is not gay, AT ALL~
  • She thinks it was more likely a fans service. Most of Korean men still prefer Korean women as their wives, more of the cultural thing.
  • Key’s personality on and off camera is quite the same.
  • She said Jonghyun and Minho is the most different person on/off camera. No one in the industry have the courage to be ‘a spoiled brat’. Like I was saying before, no one treats them as a star in the industry. All of them, all of the idols, despite the bad character, are truly a hard working person. They know they need to work harder and harder if they want to maintain their popularity or reach a higher popularity
  • She just said Taemin was dating a girl before, I’m not sure if he still is now. But that girl was from a small company, can be considered as a new group (sorry for teasing…)
  • Taemin is the most quiet. If his hyungs playing around in the dressing room, he’s just smiling or respond to it casually. She can’t have a long conversation with Taemin. But she thinks it’s not a bad attitude.
  • I think, from her stories, it is as a whole. Minho is always been ignorant.
  • Onew can’t just leave~ he has a (almost a lifetime) contract with SM so he can’t just leave…
  • Since the dating rumor with Shin Se Kyung, Jong Hyun has a worse relationship, specially with Onew.


  • The same thing goes to f(x). SM is actually preparing for a new girl group right now (and also a solo, she said). Thank God Khuntoria is a big success that still can help F(x) to maintain the popularity. But the bond between F(x) member is better. Luna is really a kind-hearted person, she said. A very humble person and very lovely. Krystal is indeed a very moody and a bit spoiled girl. Sulli is more like-able than Krystal. Victoria is also nice off the camera and Amber is a fun person.
  • Amber is actually having a bit bad relationship with a member of SNSD. She said I better not mentioning any name because it’s pretty sensitive. “You just won’t never see Amber with this girl standing side by side. Like, never”

  • EXO is not that close with each other. They mostly being busy with their own gadget in the dressing room (I’m so sorry, I don’t know the difference between EXO-K & EXO-M so I just asked it as EXO in general
  •  But no, she doesn’t know if Chanyeol is so happy because of drugs or it’s his character..
  • “I don’t know which one is Kris”, she said, LOL
  • SM is pretty nervous with EXO now because the result with them is not as great as they’re expected. You can expect more ‘grande’ thing with EXO within next year. SM is still trying.
  • I know nothing about EXO, LOL. I don’t even know who is who in EXO so it is hard for me to remember the details she told me about EXO. Overall, she told me that EXO still have a loooonngggg way to have a good relationship between them.

Girls’ Generation (SNSD)

  • I asked her who is the bitchiest or at least the most unpleasant member all of them and she answered Jessica. LOL, i think it runs in the blood. The nicest member for her is Hyoyeon and Seohyun. About plastic surgery, yes, almost all of them have it.
  • And Yuri is pretty flirty to women, in her sight. Heechul is straight and Siwon is pretty gay but still trying to be a straight. And Yunho is confirmed to be gay (no surprise)
  • They (SM) won’t neglect SNSD, I believe. SNSD is their most success idols (yes, more than Suju and DBSK). SNSD and SM fight so much for their position right now (thanks for JYP’s decision for bringing WG to the US) and they value it so much.
  • She’s being suspicious about Yoona dating someone. But she thinks he’s not an idol.
  • Many saying Sooyoung is dating Siwon (was) but she never see any sign of it (“or maybe it’s because I have no interest in Siwon” LOL)
  • Besides, Sooyoung is also a devoted christian so they are pretty match to each other. But again, she never see any sign of them dating.
  • Seohyun is hard to approach (as you can see in WGM). Yong Hwa is actually trying to keep their relationship, but Seohyun just being cold
  • No, she said Seohyun is apparently not interested in dating right now.
  • Well… she said Jessica is pretty often goes on a date with celebrities in Korea.
  • Yuri is having a good relationship with GD, TOP and most of 2PM member. They are party buddy  But they won’t show their close relationship on the camera because SM won’t like it.
  • Tiffany is dating Nickhun, my friend is suspicious on Yoona dating someone right now, the last time she met them in dressing room (during The Boys promotion), she saw Hyoyeon talked a lot in the phone.
  • She believe at least SNSD or f(x) member dated Suju/DBSK member. So the gossip about Jessica/Yoona with Donghae or Hyoyeon with Eunhyuk or Taeyon and Leeteuk or Victoria with Kyuhyun/Changmin or Sooyoung and Siwon are possibly true. It is makes sense because their only possibility to have a love relationship with their crazy schedule is just within the label artist.
  • Owh my friend told me once about Yuri could be in a relationship with an actress (Son Ye Jin?) but I can’t remember the name. But I guess that’s the name.. (but I’m not sure… I’m still having trouble to remember Korean names ). I don’t even…. Son Ye Jin in Personal Taste??? I don’t know her name is Son Ye Jin… (I’m lame.. I know..)
  • My friend just told me that Yuri was having a kind of relationship with an actress (still can’t remember the name she gave me). At first the manager/inside staff thought they’re just best friends but slowly they have suspicions because the actress looks more like a girl in love rather than a friend.. so.. yeah.. it could be..she said that the actress bought Yuri plenty of things including car. She said nothing about visiting SM, tho..
  • Sunny is not that pleasant. not that ‘aegyo-ish’ too in real life. Sooyoung is one of her fave member in SNSD beside Hyoyeon. She believes Sunny is not dating anyone right now. many say Sooyoung dates Siwon but she said she never see any sign of it
  • Many of SM’s artists are actually fans of Big Bang but they just can’t show it on the screen. Hyoyeon is actually a huge fans of Big Bang.
  • Again, our conversation was not being precisely with names, but she told me that Yoona is really, really, really famous among celebrities and rich people in Korea (like it’s a surprise). In a week she can have like 2-5 dating invitation. But Yoona is actually a very picky person after she got famous (well. I’m sure we all will be picky too) so she barely accept the invitations. But Kim Soo Hyun’s really cute so who knows?  But she’s being suspicious Yoona is dating someone now, but a non celebrity. Well, Yoona is not her fave member or her least like member.. so I think Yoona is alright (It’s not helping.. I know…)
  • SNSD is close.. but of course it has a level of closeness (?) I mean, member A could be reaaalllyyyy close with member B but not that close with member C or prefer going alone rather than going with member D which I think is normal. You just can’t like everyone, right?

Super Junior (Suju)
  • About Super Junior, she said Kangin is no longer interested in idol life. Suju might be ended up like Shinhwa, never get banned but not that ‘live’ neither. The nicest person is Sungmin and Donghae and the most annoying one (for her, again) is Shindong. Additional info, actually the most handsome member in Super Junior is, believe it or not: Kangin. Kangin is free from plastic surgery and the real definition of handsome Korean man (specially when he lost weight). She told me some of daughter’s from government official asked him out on a date.
  • She also told me that Ki Bum had a huge fight with one of the member (physically) and that’s why
  • Ki Bum will never ever going back to Suju. There will be no more 13elive.
  • Oh, a bit about Suju. She said the real leader is actually Heechul. She said “Once Hechul is enlisted in the army, somehow I feel the member are being scattered around”
  • Well.. she said most of Suju member dated SNSD member once.. so.. it could be?
  • I think Siwon is trying to keep it straight
  • My friend was laughing when she heard some are suspicious Kyuhyun is gay. No he’s totally not gay. My friend even said this boy is easily fall in love with girls.
  •  Heechul is really like Sohee…
  • Siwon is really a confusing person.”sometimes I’m not even sure if he’s off or on camera when we meet. I think He always think that the camera is always on with him” And I guess it’s because he have this burden of being a perfection for his fans and also his family so his character is really hard to tell..
  • Ryeowook… for my self, I’m sure he is gay so I didn’t ask about it anymore
  • I’m not asking about TeukTae.. but she did said that “sometimes I think it is almost impossible for idols to stay faithful with their partner. The shorts are keep getting shorter and shorter lately” LOL


  • She said there is no way JYJ could win the lawsuit against SM. The government knows exactly how big is the contribution SM made for Korea (economy and culture). They’re just gonna keep it as long as possible.
  • About Jae Joong, she is sure he is straight because he never dated any other guy except Yunho (at least in Korea). But yeah, maybe bisexual is more accurate.

  • She said Yunho is pretty girly in the dressing room, LOL
  • In a sense that he loves to do aegyo and love pretty (I don’t know whay she said pretty) clothes
  • When the break up happened, she said Yunho didn’t leave his room for almost a week
  • I’m not sure if I can say this (because I have no proof and won’t have proof of it) but her friend once pick Yunho up from a gay bar
  • YunJae (Yunho x Jaejoong) is real, according to her (and I also believe it too). They were so ‘cute’ (that’s her words) in the dressing room. Once Yunho being kinda jealous because my friend keep giggling with Jaejoong and told her to not being too close with Jaejoong (When she told me this I was literally screaming YOU LUCKY BBBBBBBBB…….)
  • The interesting part is, she said Yunho was going back to SM actually to protect Jaejoong from SM. I don’t know what is it mean (it was already almost 3 and we were more like mumbling rather than talking).
  • They are still very popular like back in their DBSK days. But their songs’ quality is another story…
  • Jaejoong is actually straight. He dates women. It just Yunho is an exception

  • About 2PM, I asked her if 2PM is really all jerks and she said she’s not sure if they are jerks, but they are definitely love to play with girls. Some of them are a bit arrogant but she doesn’t know for sure because she rarely work with them.
  • Idols do dating each other. Not in a term of a stable relationship but like going out together. And again, she mentioned 2PM as the most active group in asking girls idol out.
  • Her JYP colleague told her once that Jay is not the leader, at all. most of the member like to make fun of him and sorta ignoring him. Actually, JYP never ask Jay to leave 2PM but Jay took that ‘opportunity’ to leave 2PM without any bad rumor on 2PM. He is a nice guy. It just a matter of he’s having a hard time to adapt with the culture and the business in Korea.

Miss A
  • About Miss A, because I’m a fans, she told me that Min is almost as depressed as Onew. She (Min) receives a very lacking of spotlight despite she is the almost like the main vocal and the main dancer in the group. The whole spotlight is Suzy is pretty bad, actually. added with their pretty failed last comeback.
  • Almost like Hyuna, I guess. Suzy is also awkward with all the spotlight but she has no courage to refuse.

Wonder Girls
  • About WG, she said the group is dealing with sort of lack of confidence after their flop with Like Money. She said, ‘JYP made a huge mistake with his breaking US Market thing. Now he have no idea how to fix it’
  • Yubin and Sunye are the best, she said. Sohee is quiet but not shy. And yeesss…
  • Yubin has an on/off relationship with a male idol for almost a year now. My friend did mention Taecyeon being so close with Yubin but because most of 2PM member are girls chaser, so… 


  • Sadly she didn’t work with YG artist.. But what she heard around, 2NE1 is pretty clean. The bond between the member is also nice.
  • She have no idea about 2NE1. she’s also have no YG insider and all the rumors she heard about Sandara is just she’s picky and once dating a famous actor.

Big Bang
  • When I asked about Big Bang, she said she only met them in music program and never being their stylist. Well, BB is love to party (except Daesung) which is not a secret anymore.
  • Seung Ri is a real life player, It’s not an image, he really is. her friend once (a wardrobe crew) once being teased by Seung Ri. It’s not a surprise, I guess. We even know he loves it rough on bed
  • TOP is the most handsome guy in Korea, she said (no complaint on that)
  • GD is really really cold. He barely smile in the backstage. He was more friendly before. But he is a one humble person, he just don’t smile thet often.
  • Taeyang is being described as ‘I’m sure he was a black man in the previous life’ LOL. I don’t know what is that mean. Maybe because he has too much swag in him.
  • Daesung, before the accident, is a very bright and fun person. He loves to make jokes backstage and laughing. After the accident she haven’t meet them again but her colleagues said Daesung is really really quiet now.
  • Most men idols are envy with Big Bang, but more in the sense because GD can writes song. The group is also involved in their MV and tour concept which is most of idols can’t.
  • Yes, they don’t have ‘real’ idol friend.
  • A LOT (females celebrities targeting on BB). Mostly GD and TOP are their target.
  • GD do dating a lot. GD just can’t stay single for a long time.

  • She loves Infinite. Those guys are the best she said (not a fan, so I didn’t asked for more)
  • She said Infinite is the nicest rookie idol so far. They are a really hard working idol and one of the most humble group in the industry. She said some of the member were dating their stylist
  • She doesn’t know about the secret dating thing. But likely it isn’t true because it will be too risky for a rookie group like them to make such a rumor. That’s why they choose dating their stylist instead, I guess
  • Infinite is a rookie now, so they are still being careful about starting a close relationship with other idol.

After School
  • She only met After School in music program. All she knows that After School’s main problem is just spreading the spotlight within the member, specially after Kahi left. And yes, they like to keep it clean so not even insider know their personal life.
  • Not sure if the are still but yes, many idols are intimidated by Kahi. The same thing goes to Hyori and Rain. None of them can keep their heads straight in front of them.
  • She (my friend) doesn’t have any particular image on Nana (except she is gorgeous) because she never work with After School. “She’s pretty fine to me.

Brown Eyed Girls
  • She has nothing with BEG. I asked her already when she told me about the WGM thing. She met them once during the Sixth Sense comeback and they all look nice. They are not the young girls anymore so the relationship between the member is more…. normal? LOL, I think they don’t do aegyo2 or showing too much skin-ship within the member.

Beast (B2ST)
  • I’m not a fan of B2ST so I can’t remember all the names, but overall she said B2ST is not that close with the member. It’s more like A is close with B but not with C type of relationship.
  • Kikwang (I only know this guy in B2ST) is a player and actually a type of guy that “girls should stay away from”.

  • She said that Hyuna is actually prefer being together as a group rather than doing it solo. She said once she saw Hyuna having a bit argument with the manager because she doesn’t want to be features alone in a show and asking why the rest of member can’t be involved too. She heard that Hyuna is actually a strong candidate for this WGM season (because 4Minutes’ comeback was also pretty failed) but probably she refused it.
  • The real Hyuna is not bitchy at all. not even as sexy as she is in the screen. She’s a strong character, but not bitchy. My friend once talking with her about a good body lotion product and she can tell she’s pretty nice.
  • I don’t know her relationship with other idol.. but some of man idol asked her out.


  • Well.. there’s a bit attitude difference comparing to their debut days.. “they’re just enjoying their peak time”.


  • Many, many, many idol tried to ask KARA’s member to go on a date. But the member keep it clean and mostly refuse the invitation.
  • She said KARA is a bit ignorance in real life.


  • It is no way I don’t ask her about T-ara controversy. the interesting part is she was involved in Ya Ya Ya MV when Hwayoung just being added (Is it right? I’m too lazy to google to confirm) and she can see that the member indeed ignoring her. Hwayoung even eating lunch with the crew and not the member. She tought ‘oh well, it’s because they are still new and young and it will get better’ but… And yes, about the Music Bank incident, Hwayoung indeed being locked up outside.
  • “T-ara better doing their activities oversea”, she said.


  • She loves MBLAQ.  Seung Ho is a moody person. G.O and Thunder are quiet person. Joon is as he is in TV but a bit more player in real life. Mir loves girls. All of them once dated celebrities. They were HUGEEE when they were debuting and many female celebrities came to them.
  • The latest dating information she has on MBLAQ is G.O is in a relationship with a celebrity. Joon is also dating a non celebrity. None of them ever dated their stylist noona.

FT Island

  • Hongki is a player.
  • They are good band mates. They do drinking and playing together outside their schedule but their relationship with CN Blue is still pretty awkward.
  • She didn’t mention any names.. just that Hongki dates a lot (I’m not a fans so I’m not digging up for more…)
  • Most of them are occasionally smokers. None of them are heavy smoker.

CN Blue

  • CNBlue is clean~ I’m a fan too so I was expecting something scandalicious about them but there aren’t :| She knows nothing about the other member and she just knows about Yong Hwa wanting to get close to Seo Hyun after WGM. Not helping.. I know~~


  • She knows nothing about ZE:A  But she said they are not being taking seriously in the industry.


  • I hope it won’t sounds too harsh, but she believe IU is not that innocence. “Woman’s instinct” is her reason.
  • She gives no explanation why she thinks IU is not that innocent. she just said you just can feel it (I’m sure she’s being biased. Maybe her fiancee is a big IU’s fans, LOL)


  • About Rain.. well.. she said she won’t be surprise if he is gay. He’s not a playboy, for sure. He barely dates woman.


  • BoA just broke up early this year, she said. The guy is not an idol.
  • She’s one of the strong candidates to be the next SM CEO.

Kim Hyun Joong

  • Owh, owh, I’m such a huggeee fans of KHJ! Glad someone remind me about this! She met KHJ in one of game show (I think it’s called Secret? Is there any show named Secret? I guess it’s not a famous show, then…) and she can see that KHJ is really a nice man. His friends came to the show and she can see KHJ is just as normal as his friends.
  • “When I saw him in that show, I wonder if he realizes that he is a big star?” I melt right away when my friend said this
  • I asked about whether KHJ is gay or straight or bi, but my friend just smiled and said “at least he has a good taste” WHICH I HATE IT  . She was playing around with my curiosity because she knows I love KHJ so much!


Luna x Onew

  • Let me just answer it here so no one will ask it again.
  • Luna totally having a huge crush for Onew but Onew never have the same feeling.
  • “It’s kind a sad to see her being so happy around him, actually”
Tiffany x Nichkhun

  • She said KhunFanny is real
  • “Their love sparks can’t be hide”
  • But she said, in her sight, it was Tiffany that made the first move.. (don’t kill me…) It is possible if they were dating back in the days but she is sure not in a long time.
  • She believes they are start dating in the end of 2010..
  • She said during the Thailand Hallyu concert (is it the name?), Khun brought Tiff to his family.  She said their relationship looks serious..
  • Oh yes, Tiff is really a religious Christians. But I think Khun will follow her believe. I’m not sure but I think I saw a picture of Khun wearing a cap with ‘enjoy Jesus’ words on it somewhere here in the forum.
Onew x JungAh

  • She heard the news about Onew and Jungah dating and she said it is possible because Onew tend to like older woman. She just knew when Onew is finally dating, it must be with an older woman.
Yoochun x Kahi

  • Yoochun dates a lot in his DBSK days. Mostly also celebrities. And yes, he and Kahi was dating. Yoochun is a simple guy and quite romantic. He used to call his girls while waiting in dressing room.
Yonghwa x Seohyun

  • Yong Hwa tried to make their relationship as close as they are in WGM. Obviously Yong Hwa had a crush on Seo Hyun.
  • They are good friends. Well, maybe actually Jinwoon is being friendzoned by Seo Hyun but she’s not sure.
IU x Thunder

  • IU was dating Thunder
GD x Sohee

  • She was sure they were dating. In a previous music program GD used to hold Sohee in her waist and whispering her something (I can’t even imagine it. I think I’ll explode with jealousy now)

We Got Married (WGM)

  • We were talking about WGM and she said the most real couple is Adam couple They do texting outside filming and still maintain a close relationship.
  • Nickhun and Victoria
  • No~ It never real..


  • She said the work ethic in Kpop industry is no joke. It is almost like slavery. They need to keep working and working. Sick is not acceptable as excuse.
  • The idols only being treated as star by the fans, for their agency or inside crew, they are no one. No one in the industry will look at them as the diva or star. They eat lunch together with the crew with the same food. They are basically just worker in the set, no special treatment and no idols dare to ask for special treatment.
  • SM is the worst, she said (like it’s a surprise). But she thinks it’s because SM always invest a huge amount of money on their artists.
  • The other interesting thing is she said mostly idols are not good friends (hating is a strong word) with other, specially between big idol groups.
  • Super Junior, Beast and Big Bang are far away from being friendly to each other.
  • Same thing with SNSD, 2NE1, KARA and WG.
  • But Yuri is pretty close with GD (both love to party hard).
  • Yuri is close with every party lover idol
  • The only SJ member that’s cool with BB is Heechul, she guess. Heechul is the most party goers in SJ
  • SM hates BB so much. like, sooo mmuucchhhh. So the artists must know the limit of being friendly with BB. But in overall, they are also not having interest to have a close relationship with other ‘super’ idols. The rivalry in Korea is no joke, specially among men. Even a commoner have a HUGE sense of competition between them so it’s not a surprise if the idols are also having it.
  • Oh, about the drugs used in Kpop, it is also interesting. She said she believes the using of drugs in Kpop is increased following the incresing popularity of Kpop world wide. But the idol (and I found it really sad) not use it for partying or such, but more likely to keep them awake!
  • “a normal human body won’t be able to do their insane schedule. Well for the first year it’s still bearale. But doing that for like 3 years? It is so sad for me to do their make up while they’re sleeping in the chair. They don’t even eat regularly and sleeping for more than 2 hours is such a fortune for them.”
  • The G-Dragon’s marijuana case was an alarm for most idols to be more careful.
  • We also read the news about some celebrities being investigated for the Propofol using and she said it is hard to say the drugs using is wrong because it’s almost like they need it so they can have such a happy face on the screen despite their extremely no joke tired body.
  • She said every students in Korea must have bullying experience, whether ‘common’ or even the worse type of bullying.
  • Sex in entertainment business is not a new thing. maybe they’re not forcing but more like suggesting. ‘if you want to do it, that role/song will be yours’ type of thing
  • She also said for the fans to not taking any interaction that the idols made infront of camera or on stage seriously. those idols are aware that they are being watched so all of their interaction won’t be 100% real (even if it is ‘backstage’).
  • She said it’s just impossible for an artist to have a serious disease and still continuing their idol’s activity (except for being injured). The company will quickly remove them because they have lots and lots of healthy trainee. That’s why we hear so many stories about idols forcing them self to go on stage/schedule despite they’re being sick (specially for ‘small’ idol) because they know their company can replace them in seconds
  • A bit about the ‘gay’ issue.
  • I saw a post here that said it’s almost impossible to tell if someone is gay which is true. Specially in Kpop. I mean, Heechul is straight. That’s a big awakening for me.
  • She said, we need to remember that those idols (boy/girl) are living together almost everyday for years. They can’t have a normal social life and obviously they can’t go out on a date with girl/boy as they want to. Their life just revolves around their group mates and their schedules.
  • Even fans mostly shipping the pairing within the group which the company use it to make a bigger fan base or atleast keep the current fan base. So many, many, many of the interaction of the ‘couples’ are actually being told to do.
  • Once I showed several MVs of boy group to my gay friend and he said: “Well, I’m not saying all of them are gay, but I can tell most of them won’t deny some intimacy with their fellow member” which I think make sense.
  • We’re not talking specifically about EXO and BAP but she did say the rivalry in Kpop is getting harder and harder. Even this year alone there’s a dozen of debuts. So the competition surely heating up. There is no ‘chill’ idol in the competition, LOL. Everyone eager to win.

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