Saturday, 29 December 2012

Family Holiday! --> Malacca or Melaka : World Heritage City

This is my first time travel outside my hometown, Tawau,Sabah.
The joy eventually becomes freakin' awesome as I go there with my family!

Since I had just arrived the day before,
so we go out the next day.

First, we visited
which is well-known as the world heritage city.

Well, you know what it means when it is called like that,
in other words its
HISTORICAL FACTS is its attraction! :)

These are old yet historical buildings.

This is a memorial of the former queen of Malacca,
Victoria Regina (1837 - 1901)

The Historical Christ Church of Melaka

These overwhelming trishaws can give you a one-hour ride around Malacca
with the cost of RM 40.00

The Clock Tower

A row of amazing souvenir shops. 

The jockeys ride and 'pose' these 3 cute horses for us tourists.
How exciting! 
I even manage to pat the horse a bit (first from right) while taking pictures with it.

Haha~ I accidentally took this funny yet cute expression of the horse (first from left).
It is the smallest among the three of them.
I can hear its tired - whinnies..maybe it just tooooo tired to walk around the city.
Horse : Cheeeeese~

The old time fire truck :)

The Gallery of Admiral Cheng Ho

The remainings of St Paul's Church

The indoor view of the remaining Church of St, Paul.
There are many tombs of  the former foreigner leaders of Malacca

There are lots of them, actually.

The well-known Well of Princess Hang Li Po.
Well, people used to toss their coins here as it is believed that their wishes will come true
by doing so.

The Dataran Pahlawan

The Dutch Graveyard, where some of the foreign former leaders are buried.
Some of them are heavily damaged due to its age.

The main entrance of A Famosa fortress which is built by
Alfonso d' Alboquerque,
during the Portuguese leadership in 1511 at Malacca
that is also built near the
Bastion of Santiago.

There are many cannons in front of the fortress.

The front view of the A Famosa entrance

The Memorial of the Poclamation of Independence.

The Youth Museum

The Historical, small Merdeka Stadium.
This is where Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra al-Haj
announced the independence of  Tanah Melayu.

// I hope you guys enjoy reading this post and I really recommended you to come visit here! //

No regrets. Take care.. :)

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