Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Top 10 K-Pop Music Videos on Youtube for the first half of 2012

The world's largest video site, Youtube, has released a list of the top 10 K-Pop music videos for the first half of 2012 counting international and domestic (in Korea only) views.
In the first half of this year for international views, the most popular K-Pop music videos came from Big Bang. They recorded the highest number of hits for Fantastic Baby, Blue (2nd), Bad Boy (4th) and Monster (6th). Girls' Generation's subunit debut single, Twinkle, followed in at third.

In June, Big Bang's special edition album "STILL ALIVE" was released and their title song Monster also ranked sixth on the global ranking. Big Bang has set a record for having 4 music videos in the top 10 global list. Included also in the rankings is f(X)'s Electric Shock which was released in early June, and only a month later, ranked fifth on the chart. Next are SHINee's Sherlock, the Wonder Girls' Like This, and 4Minute's Volume Up.
For the domestic views, the list is slightly different. Most domestic users during the first half of this year watched Sistar's Alone. Their sensual images and choreography received attention helping their domestic hit. Taetiseo's (Girls' Generation subunit) Twinkle, was second on the list, followed by the Wonder Girls Like This. Big Bang's Blue and Fantastic Baby ranked 4th and 5th respectively on the national chart, and f(x)'s Electric Shock followed in 6th. T-ara's Lovey Dovey was also included in the ranking, while rising group Busker Busker's Cherry Ending ranked ninth.

Google Korea's managing director Seo Hwang Guk said, "K-Pop has already established itself as a genre worldwide that people enjoy. A variety of K-pop and other genres are being introduced on Youtube, and this allows for more domestic and foreign users to exchange content and spread the influence of K-pop. This steady wave is expected to be sustained."

Translated by vip4daesung @ bigbangupdates

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