Friday, 20 July 2012

Gosh! : Kpop Celebs Secrets


Now before you read this, this is all true.
I've been away from this forum for a while now, but I want to collect the harvest that I made.
There's no reason for me to lie here since there is nothing to gain for me.
If I would do it for attention, I would rather seek the attention of a pretty girl than you guys here.
So that being said, you don't have to believe it if you don't want it, but at least keep an open mind to it if you tend not to believe it.

Then you might ask, why would you give us this information?
Actually I'm not really clear about it myself. Probably because I think it's noteworthy that it's not all what it seems, and the korean entertainment is still one of my hobbies. So I guess sharing information about my hobby seems like a natural thing to do.

I've had 2 relationships so far with girls that are actually IN the Korean entertainment industry.
With relationships comes secrets, so I'll list the few that I found, from very trustworthy sources.
1. Jang Hyuk is a greedy bitch. He's always acting (which is logical lol) like he's a good guy, but when he's with friends, he's really greedy, he asked one of his girl friends to give him money for the taxi, while he had money himself. Also he never tips. It goes on like this but this should suffice.
I still think he's a cool guy though but that's just my personal opinion.
2. I already announced it before on the old forum, but SNSD's Sooyoung and SJ's Siwon have a relationship.
Now most of you probably won't believe this but just try to put it into perspective. They have a personal life besides the celebrity life, they date in secret. They aren't the only ones dating.
3. Celebrities have sex in their cars most of the time. They cannot go to Hotels because they will get recognized instantly. So therefore, they meet somewhere, pick one of the couple up, drive somewhere where they can be alone and have sex. That's how it goes 90% of the time. (You might want to change your fantasies about having sex with celebs in your room, doing it in the car is much more realistic).
4. Miss A goes to a hairdresser in Gangnam, near the Han river if I remember correctly. If you want to spot some idols, you should google it and try to find it. Miss A aren't the only celebs going there.
5. One of the 2PM members is/was in love with a model but he got rejected because he's too kiddy according to her (no names sorry).
6. Han Ye Seul had plastic surgery, I got her a pic of her when she was young. I don't want to upload it because I'm afraid of getting sued hahaha. But seriously, her face is soooo different. I was shocked because I'm a big fan of Han Ye Seul. Not that I care that she had plastic surgery. But the difference is HUGEEEEE.
7. Han Ye Seul goes to the same gym and Jun Ji Hyun, who recently got married (I got the pictures of the marriage from up close, in case I had to prove myself, but I won't since it's not worth the trouble).
8. Miss Korea 2011, who is going to participate in Miss Universe 2012 is currently dating a Korean celebrity, but couldn't get a name of the guy.
9. I just remembered another one. I've heard this a while ago. And maybe you've heard it too.
HyunA, who was previously in the WG, had an abortion.
She had sex with one of the 2PM members I believe, one of the reasons she eventually left the WG's because she had "stomach issues".
It's a more well known story and I had it confirmed by one of my sources, I knew this one before I've met her.
You can also look it up on google, more people know about it.
I've even heard she had an abortion twice.

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