Thursday, 5 April 2012

Couple Ring (A Sign of Sincerity in a Relatioship or Just Showing Off?)

 Hmm..COUPLE RING yer..
For me, I think it's the best way to express our feelings
towards partners, spouse, friends and many more.

Not all people who wear rings are badly-behaved..
Some do wear those for some reason..
a very CLEAR reason...

For me, things like this should have only done by someone who really appreciates every
person in his/her life..
But still, this can also be done by those couples whom trully, madly in love in each other..

I also have bought a pair for me and my boyfriend..
He's the ONE who's so excited about it..
I'm not kidding..
He's even propose me to be his fiance
He said that he's afraid that he might not have the chance to do that later..
He's so serious..
I felt vry touched by his behave..
We did have too much obstacle to overcome this lately..
But still
He need no worry..
Because I always love him
Either he knows it or not..:)

Oh yeah, these are some of the pictures of couple rings..
Which looks CUTE to me..
I can't upload the pictures of my ring..
Trouble occurs..

 Anyway, I hope you guys can enjoy as much time as you can with someone you love..
Families..Friends..Girlfriend @ Boyfriend..etc
(Gosh, those rings look sparklingly hot and elegant. I love black...) :)


        _UniQuely QueNik_

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